The Perfect Anniversary Present

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Celebrating 50 years of farming and marriage

Randy Howg and his wife Virginia have been farming in Alberta together for 50 years, building an amazing family and operation along the way.

“I bought my first tractor through Ritchie Bros. way back,” said Randy. “I’ve been a John Deere man my whole life, so when I saw the two beautiful tractors selling in Speers last month I had to have one.”

In late October, Ritchie Bros. held a Timed Auction in Speers, SK, selling hundreds of items, including a 1988 John Deere 4450 2WD tractor and an unused 1992 John Deere 4760 MFWD.

“I had the auction date circled on my calendar—I had to have one of those tractors,” said Randy. “I bid on the unused 1992 4760, but it went too high. I got the 4450 and I’m so happy with my purchase. My son, my grandson, and I farm together. We plan on using the tractor for yard work.”

‘It was meant to be’


Ahead of the October 28 Speers auction, Randy and his son went to check out the tractors in person.

“When we were checking out the tractors my son quickly grabbed a photo of me beside the 4450, and now I own it. It was meant to be,” said Randy. “My wife and I recently celebrated 50 years of farming and marriage. This is the perfect anniversary present for me.”

Due to COVID-19, the Speers auction was conducted 100% online, via Timed Auction. The 1988 John Deere 4450 tractor sold to Randy for $125,000. The unused 1992 John Deere 4760 MFWD tractor sold for $260,000

“It seems people are getting more and more comfortable with bidding online,” said Randy. “It’s a bit like a game. Click to compete against other bidders. I’m glad I won.”


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