Ritchie Bros. discusses 2020 on Dirt Talk podcast

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Ritchie Bros. discusses 2020 on Dirt Talk podcast

Dirt Talk chats with Ritchie Bros. execs Kari Taylor and Matt Ackley

In December, Ritchie Bros. leaders Kari Taylor (President, North American Sales) and Matt Ackley (Chief Marketing Officer) joined Aaron Witt on his increasingly popular construction podcast Dirt Talk to discuss 2020, the impacts of COVID-19 on auctions, the power of online marketplaces, and a lot more.

“I've spent time at a few Ritchie Bros auctions, and it's been nothing but great experiences,” said Aaron Witt, host of Dirt Talk. “While I've seen the auctions up close, I didn't have much understanding of how they functioned at a high-level. I enjoyed speaking with Matt and Kari to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes.”

Getting to know Dirt Talk and its host Aaron Witt

Love dirt? Dirt Talk is a podcast dedicated to showing the inner workings of the dirt world. In the weekly podcast, host Aaron Witt speaks with a wide variety of people in the construction and mining industries to better understand and showcase the hardworking people of the equipment world.

“I've loved heavy equipment since I can remember,” said Aaron Witt in an interview with Ritchie Bros. “As a lawyer's son, my only exposure to equipment was when we drove by construction sites as a kid. When I learned how to work hard on a ranch in Montana through high school, I started examining my life to figure out what I enjoyed. Construction seemed to be the natural path for me. With that realization, I cold called the owner of a heavy construction company working in my neighborhood and asked for a job as a laborer.”

“After traveling to job sites across the U.S. every week for three years, I never loved the industry more, thanks to our impact on society as a whole and the hard-working people throughout the industry.”

The Dirt Talk podcast launched in early 2020 and already has 47 episodes, with each clocking in around 1 hour, and has been downloaded more than 150,000 times. Detailed write-ups on each episode are available on the Dirt Talk website.

“There's a common thread between everyone who's worked hard in the blue-collar world for their lives, and it's humility,” says Aaron. “They don't like to brag on themselves. They're proud of what they do, they attribute much of their success to others, and they don't even talk much. Since there aren't many podcasts in our industry, it's been a tough sell to get many of the people I've had on, but once they get on and become comfortable, their knowledge and stories are endless.”

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