Regional auctions keep rolling in the U.S

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Regional auctions keep rolling in the U.S.

‘We are getting a bigger audience for our equipment’

Bigger auctions generally mean bigger audiences. It’s a simple formula playing out perfectly through the several U.S. Regional Events held so far in 2020. In December we will hold five more regional events with equipment from 13 different locations and hundreds of consignors across the United States.

“We will be selling our entire fleet through the Great Plains Regional Event on December 17 – 18,” said Vicki Ludgren of EJM Pipe Services, a boring and underground utilities company based in Minnesota. “Our equipment is highly-specialized—there aren’t a ton of companies who do what we do. Having the right audience on sale day is so important. With Ritchie Bros. and these new regional events, we are getting a bigger audience for our equipment.”

In September, through four U.S. regional auctions we sold 16,250+ items and attracted 30,000+ bidder registrations.

Regional auctions keep rolling in the U.S.

‘Online bidding makes it easier’

“My father went to Ritchie Bros. auctions for years, to buy and sell equipment,” added Vicki. “After my father sadly passed Ritchie Bros. seemed like the right fit for a complete dispersal and the Ritchie Bros. sales reps couldn’t have been more helpful, patient, and respectful through this difficult process.”

Regional auctions keep rolling in the U.S.

Photo caption: Vicki’s father, Allen Montgomery.

More than 500 items will be sold as part of the complete dispersal for EJM Pipe Services at the Great Plains event. Highlights include a 2015 Caterpillar 352FLVG hydraulic excavator, a 2010 Vermeer Axis GB812R skid-mounted, laser-guided tunnel boring machine, and a 2014 Caterpillar tri-drive hydro vac truck. The auction will be conducted 100% online, due to COVID-19.

“Minnesota weather can be pretty tough in December, so online bidding makes it easier, even for locals,” said Vicki.

Visit the Great Plains webpage for a complete list of EJM Pipe equipment available.

Five auctions, 13,500+ items

Starting next week, we will sell more than 13,500 items through the five U.S. regional auctions in December. For more information on each of the auctions, click below:

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