Company precedence on safety continues during unprecedented times

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Safety a priority for Ritchie Bros. during COVID crisis

Like most companies, Ritchie Bros. finds itself adapting and evolving to a rapidly changing environment due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately for us, safety has always been a bedrock of our company’s culture. We are unreserved in our commitment to safety, and during these challenging times, that precedence has become more important than ever.

We wanted to share with you the many ways we’re protecting our customers, employees and the communities we live and work in, against the threat of COVID-19.

All auctions move online

An essential part of Ritchie Bros.’ deep history is public events. Our live auctions bring together equipment buyers and sellers from all over the world and different communities to facilitate business and commerce. Due to the spread of COVID-19, we’ve moved these gatherings online to keep everyone safe.

Bidding online at Rtichie Bros on mobile device

All auctions are online bidding only – no onsite bidding, including on-the-farm auctions. Fortunately, Ritchie Bros. is a technology-driven company able to handle the massive surge we’re seeing in online participation. In fact, in 2019 we had 124 million visits to our websites and over 9 million bids received on items selling. We’re well positioned to handle large-scale online auctions and deliver a great user experience.

Online auction co-ordinator

Safe onsite inspection and load out

Our auction yards are doing everything possible to protect the health and safety of customers, transporters, and employees. That’s why we’re employing strict social distancing protocols at our sites, and the number of vehicles allowed in the yard is limited in full compliance with local government regulations.

Other measure we are taking to ensure safety at our auction site include:

  • No cash payments accepted, only electronic fund transfer such as credit card or wire transfer
  • Equipment pickup by appointment only, with strict protocols for social distancing
  • Loadout deadlines extended from 14 days to 30 days
  • Additional sanitization and cleaning procedures at all sites, including additional hand sanitization stations, as well as installing plexiglass shields at counters

Empty Auction hall at Ritchie Bros auction site

Besides our primary goal to make employees and customers safe, we have not lost sight of the importance of serving our customers' needs in these challenging times.

In our Kansas City auction last week, Phillip Hardy, a large Missouri-based construction company, had fears about selling due to COVID-19.“We were nervous,” said Phillip. “You guys delivered, and we just can’t believe this outstanding result.”

Chris McDaniel, President of Kentucky’s McD Concrete, had similar success selling via our online platform, Marketplace-E. “I appreciate the solid work you guys have done in advancing this sale,” said Chris. “I’ve been beyond happy with my decision to use you guys!” 

Other recent comments from our customers: “the additional info and photos on the website were helpful,” and “I think a lot of people will probably find bidding from their computer in controlled environment is to their liking.”

Fast response to an evolving situation

Information is moving fast and so are we. We have set up a response team that is closely monitoring the situation as it evolves and reacting accordingly to help keep customers, employees and suppliers safe. We are communicating daily with our employees and customers any changes in policy or auction event scheduling.

We want to reassure you that we are taking all the above measures and more to ensure we can continue serving our customers around the globe.

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