Brian Grossman, Grossman Farms (North Dakota)

Any issues—all the random little stuff that comes up—they took care of it right away. There was always a constant line of communication between us, and I was very satisfied with the customer service

In April 2015, Ritchie Bros. conducted a complete dispersal for Grossman Farms, with the auction taking place on the Grossman Farms yard in Linton, North Dakota. With more than 12,000 acres and 300 head of cattle, Grossman Farms had its fair share of equipment to sell, and it was important that the auction take place on the farm.

OJ Blanchette, Pinnacle Services (Alberta)

It was just one stop. Everything sold in those two days. Everything was cleaned up and finalized. Selling with Ritchie Bros. was the best way to get fair market value. I would recommend it to anybody who is wishing to sell something or buy.

In March 2016, Ritchie Bros. conducted a massive two-day auction—months earlier than the site's usual first auction of the year. The reason for the early auction—and the crowds: a huge selection of quality equipment from two complete dispersals. One of those dispersals was for Pinnacle Services, an oilfield construction company based in High Level, AB.

Arron Hutcheon, Hutcheon & Pearce (Australia)

Ritchie Bros. has got a proven track record globally. The process works and so you know what to expect when you go down to their auctions. I think they do auctions better than anyone else, and it gives me confidence that they're going to achieve the best price at the end of the day.

Hutcheon & Pearce have sold equipment at the past six Ritchie Bros. auctions in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Ritchie Bros. is now part of their business process.

Read the full story here

Dan McGlade, Energy Transportation (Casper, WY)

Once I made the decision [to sell], I knew there was only one phone call I needed to make, and I called Ritchie Bros. They have a worldwide footprint, and I knew they could market our equipment better than anyone. They did a great job of handling this sale and I could easily recommend them to anyone.

Dan McGlade, Energy Transportation (Casper, WY)

More than 2,290 items, including close to 40 cranes and a large selection of heavy-spec trucks and trailers, were sold as part of a complete dispersal for Energy Transportation headquartered in Casper, WY. The record-breaking auction resulted in US$54 million of equipment sold in one day, the largest single-owner auction in Ritchie Bros. history.

Monty Laskin is the Chief Executive Officer of Caledon Community Services (Toronto, Canada)

[The truck sold] well beyond what we hoped for and because of that, we can make some big plans for our operations in the year ahead. And for our community!

Monty Laskin is the Chief Executive Officer of Caledon Community Services (Toronto, Canada)

We've always been proud to support the organization's fundraising efforts—and received this letter of thanks after we sold their truck.

Wang Tongdi(中国山东)


"三兄弟"几乎很偶然发现的利氏兄弟拍卖会 —— 异常高兴发现了购买二手设备的公平方式。

Peter Murphy, the Alex Fraser Group (Laverton North, Australia)


澳大利亚的 Alex Fraser 集团在其个大型项目结束之后,面临着一个行业内非常普遍的头疼问题:大批闲置设备。

Tom Mastera; Jr. Davis Construction (Orlando, Florida)

We've tried it all, but we feel that Ritchie Bros. really gives us the most for our money.

As an Equipment Manager with twenty years of experience, Tom Mastera has used a lot of different methods to sell equipment.

Les Wyles, Belvedere Aggregates Ltd. (Alberta, Canada)


当 Les Wyles 第三次 - 也就是最后一次 - 退休时,他需要变卖大量的碎石机、装载机、运石车以及其他设备。

John Duivenvoorden, JPD Farms (Innisfil, Ontario)

I have no worries selling with Ritchie Bros. whatsoever and I would do it again in a heartbeat

John & Pat Duivenvoorden have been running JPD Farms in Canada for more than 40 years. When it came time to retire they chose to sell their equipment with Ritchie Bros. because their auctions are easy and pain free.

Stewart Bullin, Whitefox Drilling (Medicine Hat, Alberta)

Before Ritchie Bros. introduced detailed equipment information I would hire a mechanic to go and inspect the equipment for me. But now all the information is right there online—it's very helpful.

In business for more than 45 years, the Bullin family have been buying and selling at Ritchie Bros. auctions for almost as long. They have seen some great innovations at Ritchie Bros. over the years—but they appreciate that the values of the company have remained consistent.

Mario Humberto Patiño Manrique, COMAQSA (Tijuana, México)

Auction fills your entire body with adrenaline

When Mario Humberto Patiño Manrique attended his first Ritchie Bros. auction in Phoenix, Arizona in 1999, he didn't know what to expect. He found not only the equipment he was looking for but a very special friendship as well.

Brad Skelton, Skelton Sherborne (Brisbane, Australia)


借助利氏兄弟在香港举办的一场拍卖会的帮助,Brad Skelton 开始了他在澳大利亚的国际货运业务。

Ken Friesen, KFC Farms Ltd. (Abbotsford, BC)

The prices were very good. I had a little trouble wiping the grin off my face.

Ken Friesen ran KFC Farms Ltd., a purebred cattle operation, for more than 20 years before he decided to sell. Ken chose Ritchie Bros. because of its experience and ability to bring strong returns.

Norm Bolitho, Australian Pacific Machinery (QLD Australia)

You know when you go to the auction the best man wins on the day, and the best man will win and he takes home the iron.

Norm Bolitho has been buying equipment at Ritchie Bros. auctions around the world since 1996 -- both in person and online. The main reason he keeps coming back: every auction is unreserved.

Steve Stodghill, Sims Crane & Equipment Co. (Tampa, Florida)

Ritchie Bros.' on-site and online auctions make it easier for people all around the world to bid, resulting in a fair price for the seller.

Steve Stodghill, Sims Crane & Equipment Co. (Tampa, Florida)

Sims Crane & Equipment Co. has been providing crane and lifting rental service to the state of Florida for more than 50 years. President Steve Stodghill has used Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers to manage his company's fleet for 20+ years. He keeps coming back to Ritchie Bros. because its auctions are full-service, globally respected and attract the greatest market exposure. Written and published: 2011


利氏兄弟全球拍卖会已帮助 Mahmoud Khalil 在黎巴嫩建立了三家国际设备的特许经销商。Mahmoud 对于从利氏兄弟进行采购充满信心,原因有两个:一是无底价拍卖 - 还有就是可以亲眼看到设备。

Forrest Abramson, KGM Contractors, Inc.

I kept coming back to Ritchie Bros. because they had the best selection of equipment—they still do

Minnesota's Forrest Abramson signed his first construction contract in 1962; his company now has 150 employees and a large fleet of equipment. Forrest has found two key things at Ritchie Bros. auctions over the past 30 years: equipment and a feeling of confidence.

Greg Fowler, J.F. Electric (St. Louis, MO)

I did notice there were a lot of internet bidders and a lot of equipment being sent overseas, and I believe that they did help increase the final sale price of the equipment.

Greg Fowler is the fourth generation president of J.F. Electric (est. 1925), an electrical contractor serving the St. Louis, Missouri region. When Ritchie Bros. moved in nearby, Greg became a first-time seller at the St. Louis Grand Opening auction.

Leon Brunt and Jack Ash, Brash Contracting (Darwin, Australia)

Trust is a huge factor when you're making a decision of that magnitude.

Leon Brunt and Jack Ash rely on Ritchie Bros. auctions to buy and sell equipment for their Darwin, Australia-based contracting company. In 2010, Leon and Jack turned to Ritchie Bros. once again - in Japan.

Barrie Clarke (Kamloops, BC)

That's a big reason why we decided to sell with Ritchie Bros.—we knew our property would sell on auction day.

When Barrie and Liz Clarke retired, they put their BC golf course and RV park on the market. The Clarkes waited for a buyer for two years, then turned to Ritchie Bros.—for certainty.

Janis Basran (daughter of Karma Basran) – Karma Basran Trucking Ltd. (Kelowna, BC)

Ritchie Bros. is very understanding. They aren't just trying to take advantage of the situation.

Karma Basran ran a successful BC trucking company for 35 years until he passed away in 2009. Karma's wife Pearl and her daughters—Janis and Tammy—knew he trusted Ritchie Bros., so they could too.

Bill Coates — Roc-Star Enterprises Ltd. 与Star Contracting Ltd (不列颠哥伦比亚省艾伯尼港)


自从Bill Coates收购了总部位于不列颠哥伦比亚省的Star Contracting Ltd.(主要承揽道路建设承包业务),他的人生变得更加繁忙、充实。他之前在该公司工作了30多年。现在,Bill Coates 越来越依赖利氏兄弟的网站进行设备搜索以及查看相关资料。

Yang Xiangyang - Xi'an Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (China)

By selling with Ritchie Bros. we didn't have to go hunting for buyers because their auctions always attract large numbers of bidders.

50-year old road machinery manufacturer sees the benefits of selling by auction. Ritchie Bros. was able to sell new machines that had remained unsold for years.

John Friedges (Lakeville, MN)

Ritchie Bros. put those rules in place years ago and they stick by them.

John Friedges of Lakeville, Minnesota has been in business – and building a fleet of equipment – for more than 40 years. He's only in his early 50s. Whether he's buying or selling equipment, John says he values one thing above all: fairness.

Peter G.

Paint is worth a thousand dollars a gallon at an auction.

Peter G. "Chipper" Johnson started in the construction industry as a teenager and grew up to become the third-generation owner of Minnesota-based Hoover Construction. When it comes to selling used equipment, Chipper knows that appearances matter.

Richard Nyholt - Nyholt Constructions (Yatala, QLD Australia)

There is less risk involved and immediate return

Nyholt Constructions of Yatala, Queensland has a unique connection to Ritchie Bros.: the family-owned construction company helped build the Ritchie Bros. auction site in Brisbane, Australia. But Managing Director Richard Nyholt also has a story that is familiar to many: managing a business during a downturn.

Richard Hammond - R.A. Hammond Construction (North Oxford, MA)

The thing that impresses me the most about Ritchie Bros. is how fast they move their auctions along.

As the owner of R.A. Hammond Construction, Richard Hammond oversees multiple jobs taking place at the same time all over Massachusetts. Richard is a busy man, and he believes in spending his time and money wisely - which is why he buys through Ritchie Bros...

Neil Buelow - PCI Roads, LLC (St. Michael, MN)

Ritchie Bros. auction brochures are sent to buyers around the world to ensure the success of the sale is not completely reliant upon local bidders.

Neil Buelow, equipment manager for Minnesota-based PCI Roads, LLC has always appreciated the personal service and broad market reach of Ritchie Bros. With the local economy under strain, Neil values Ritchie Bros.' global marketing efforts even more.

Mark Ryan - Carl Bolander & Sons Co. (St. Paul, MN)

The Ritchie Bros. unreserved policy provides integrity to the auction process by keeping a level playing field... Also, it's important for me to know that the equipment will sell on auction day.

Mark Ryan worked his way up the ranks of the construction industry to become president of his own Minnesota-based company: Carl Bolander & Sons Co. All along the way Mark has kept a lasting relationship with Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers.

Jerry Redman - Owatonna Construction Co. Inc. (Owatonna, MN)

We ended up getting 20 percent more for our fleet with Ritchie Bros.

When the Redmans decided to close the doors to Owatonna Construction in 2006---that decision left them with 200 pieces of equipment to sell. They got an offer for certain assets and equipment, but they thought they could do better with Ritchie Bros.

Willy Holm Jr. - Holm Bros. Construction (Goodhue, MN)

Everyone at the auction site remembers my name.

Holm Bros. Construction started out like Ritchie Bros. - a small business run by brothers. Both companies have grown and changed hands. Willy Holm Jr. now looks after the family business - and he counts himself as a loyal Ritchie Bros. customer thanks to the down-home relationship he's built with the company over the years.

Steve DeBaun - Track II Corporation (Lakeville, MN)

Ritchie Bros. has gone far and above as far as customer service. That's something that I will always remember and something I always think about when I go to a sale.

Steve DeBaun went from auction rookie to professional by attending auctions with his father-in-law. In the process he has built a lasting relationship with Ritchie Bros. because of its dedication to quality customer service.

Glen Staheli - Staheli Construction (Edmonton, AB)

It doesn't matter what the condition of your machine is or how good it looks if there's no one there to bid on it.

Glen Staheli grew up with – and then helped further grow – the construction company established by his father in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2008 he decided to sell. Glen was ready to slow down – and he didn't want to wait for his multi-million dollar fleet of equipment to sell piecemeal.

Bob Anderson - Desert Pipeline (Thermal, CA)

I'm really an auction junkie at heart.

Bob Anderson and Phil Johnson started an underground services company in the late 60s and spent the next four decades laying pipeline across California. When Bob and Phil retired in 2008, they sold everything – but that won't keep Bob away from auctions.

Frank Rizzardo - Emcon Services (Merritt, BC)

With Ritchie Bros. you know you're always getting the fair price, on both the buying and the selling side.

Frank Rizzardo built his B.C.-based highway maintenance business from one contract to six. The equipment fleet of Emcon Services grew at the same pace. When Emcon's business dropped by almost half, Frank needed to sell millions of dollars of equipment – at a fair price.

Brad Skelton - Skelton Tomkinson (Brisbane, Australia)

We don't do anything by halves; when we do something we do it well, and I know that's the Ritchie Bros. attitude as well.

Brad Skelton got his international freight forwarding business off the ground in Australia with a little help from a Ritchie Bros. auction in Hong Kong. During a major business realignment, Brad put his trust in the same company that had put its trust in him.

Hugh Edeleanu - H.E. SERVICES (Kent, U.K.)


Hugh Edeleanu 将只有一台二手反铲装载机的 H.E. SERVICES 发展成为拥有 2500 台机械设备、英国最大的专业挖掘机租赁公司。当市场变化时,Hugh 知道最好的选择就是卖掉几百台多余的设备 – 而且要找到英国之外的买主。
Rick Podolinsky - Podolinsky Equipment (Petrolia, ON)

Ritchie Bros. is so organized. Once I told them what we wanted, they took care of everything.

In 1964, the Podolinsky family opened a John Deere dealership in Petrolia, Ontario to sell and service equipment for their neighboring farmers. In 1985, they started hosting a mini-trade fair at their dealership. Now in its 23rd year, Farmer Information Days features exhibits, seminars – and an unreserved Ritchie Bros. auction.

Ted Carlson - Mainland Sand and Gravel (Surrey, BC)

The difference between Ritchie Bros. and other auction companies was just night and day.

Ted Carlson, the president of Mainland Sand and Gravel in Surrey, B.C., has been buying and selling equipment at Ritchie Bros. auctions since the 1980s. Ted puts his loyalty down to two factors: fair auction practices and a sense of homegrown pride.

Sudiarso Prasetio - PT Pamapersada Nusantara (Indonesia)

Ritchie Bros. attracts the end users, and the more end users you get, the better the prices will be.

PT Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA) is Indonesia's largest mining contractor, actively managing numerous coalmines throughout the archipelago since 1993. PAMA purchases a large number of machines each year for their business - but they needed a solution when it came time to sell their equipment. Enter Ritchie Bros.

Camille Dionne - Transport Camille Dionne (Montreal, QC)

I've bought lots of equipment, I've sold lots of equipment, and Ritchie Bros. is the best in the world.

Camille Dionne started his rental equipment business in Quebec 46 years ago with one machine. Years later, he is still renting equipment – and he's added contracting and transportation services to the mix. And for almost four decades, Camille has been buying and selling equipment at unreserved Ritchie Bros. auctions.

Dave MacDonald - King Kubota (North Vancouver, BC)

The buyers are there and that's what gets you the very best money for your equipment.

Dave MacDonald was born to run equipment. He was operating dozers as a teenager and operating his own British Columbia-based construction company by his twenties. Deciding to sell was hard for Dave – but it was easy to decide on the right dispersal method.

Frank Montgomery - Saiia Construction (Birmingham, AL)


过去十年里的快速增长导致位于阿拉巴马州Birmingham的Saiia Construction公司重新评估其设备处理方法。

Wang Yao Hui - Day Chi International Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)



Bryan Gour - Langley Excavator Parts Exchange (Langley, BC)

Ritchie Bros. meant a lot to him; it's part of our history.

Bryan Gour runs an excavator rental and parts business in Greater Vancouver, B.C. that was established by his late father-in-law Jim Blanche. When Ritchie Bros. celebrated its 50th anniversary, Bryan made sure he was there - not just for himself, but for Jim too.

Jim Allard - Allard Contractors Ltd. (Coquitlam, BC)


Allard Contractors是一家位于不列颠哥伦比亚省Coquitlam的设备公司。公司副总裁Jim Allard与数十家公司有业务往来。

Robert Wright - Wright Brothers Construction (Charleston, TN)

Trust and character go a long way. We feel like we're in good hands with Ritchie Bros

Robert and James Wright started out with one bulldozer; their Tennessee construction company now has about 300 pieces of equipment in its fleet. Whether they're buying one dozer or selling hundreds of machines, Robert and James turn to the people they trust.

David Weiss - Sierra Equipment Company (San Francisco, CA)

Ritchie Bros.' service and transparency in their business dealings is what make them have one of the most loyal customer bases of any industry.

David Weiss of Sierra Equipment Company Inc. in San Francisco, California has been a Ritchie Bros. customer for more than 30 years.

Roy Isley - D & J Isley and Sons (Grande Prairie, Alberta)

I fully enjoy the sales. I always have, my father always did, and a couple of my boys go to the sales and they love it too.

D & J Isley and Sons is a family-run business in Grande Prairie, Alberta with longstanding ties to Ritchie Bros. Roy and Morgan Isley are carrying on the family tradition of buying and selling at Ritchie Bros. auctions - and passing it on to the next generation.

Duane Semon - Rainbow Rentals (Phoenix, Arizona)

The company has stayed friendly and personal - and we still get the same service we did 20 years ago.

Like his father Vernon before him, Duane Semon runs a family owned and operated equipment rental company in Phoenix, Arizona. Duane is also a loyal Ritchie Bros. customer - just like his dad.

Navneet Mathur - Worldwide Machinery Solutions (Ajmer, India)


通过设在印度 Vermeer 的代理公司,Navneet Mathur 每年销售超过 2000 万美元的新旧设备

Any issues—all the random little stuff that comes up—they took care of it right away. There was always a constant line of communication between us, and I was very satisfied with the customer service

Tom Stevenson - Hub Equipment (Toronto, ON)


对设备的喜爱令Tom Stevenson放弃了在海湾街的金融业发展的机会,回到他父亲在加拿大安大略省的知名设备租赁公司工作。 象他的父亲一样,Tom信赖利氏兄弟可以让他更好地进入全球市场。

Peter Delaney - F.A. Delaney Quarries (NSW, Australia)


Peter Delaney 在澳大利亚新南威尔士州的郊区经营一家小型移动破碎公司。无论是购买还是出售设备,Peter 都会选择参加利氏兄弟的无底价拍卖会。

Donald Collins - Collins Pipeline Construction (Bald Knob, AR)

If I had to sell all this myself, it would take me five years!

Donald Collins first started buying equipment at Ritchie Bros. auctions when he established his own pipeline construction company in Arkansas. When he retired, Donald chose Ritchie Bros. to take care of his equipment - and sell everything in one day.

Keith Brubacher - Brubacher Excavating Inc. (Bowmansville, PA)

With Ritchie Bros., I know that I am more than a number, more than a means to an end.

Keith Brubacher's father Ben founded Brubacher Excavating - the largest excavation contractor in central Pennsylvania - with one backhoe and a commitment to fairness, honesty and integrity. When looking for business partners, the Brubachers choose companies that share their values.

John Spadaro - MBS Express (Melbourne, Australia)

When you've got that kind of relationship, why would you deal with another auction company?

When the state economy took a downturn in the early 2000s, John Spadaro needed to sell millions of dollars of equipment belonging to his trucking company in Melbourne, Australia. John decided to check out a new auction company in town: Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. And he's never looked back.

Billy Jackson - W F Jackson Construction Co. (Sandersville, GA)

Ritchie Bros. always did the right thing: they stood up to their word.

In 1958 - the year that Ritchie Bros. was founded - Billy Jackson started W F Jackson Construction Co. in Sandersville, Georgia with little more than determination and a single dozer. Billy credits good people for his company's success - and his long relationship with Ritchie Bros.

Dante Ghilotti - Ghilotti Bros. Inc. (San Rafael, CA)

Relationships are a huge part of it.

Like their uncles and father before them, the younger Ghilotti brothers pride themselves on maintaining a first-class fleet of yellow iron for their San Francisco Bay area construction company. When they need to update their fleet, Dante and Mike Ghilotti turn to another family business: Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers.

Bob Davis - H. Davis Construction (Caledon, ON)

We were working 23 scrapers and moving three million meters of dirt a year.

H. Davis Construction started with one bulldozer. Almost 60 years later, when Bob and Doug Davis decided to retire, their Toronto-based earthmoving company was running a multi-million dollar fleet. The brothers started selling their equipment one piece at a time – until someone suggested an easier solution: a Ritchie Bros. auction.

Daryl Williamson, son of Harry Williamson (1939 - 2001)

We chose Ritchie Bros. because Dad's relationship with them went way back

Harry Williamson took a dump truck and roller and turned them into one of British Columbia's most successful paving companies, H. Williamson Blacktop & Landscaping. When Harry passed away, he left his family with fond memories, a large equipment fleet – and some hard decisions to make.

Steve Pokrajac - Pokrajac Corporation (San Jacinta, CA)


作为一家位于加利福尼亚州的通用工程承包商的总裁,Steve Pokrajac在美国各地的利氏兄弟拍卖会上买卖过数百万美元的设备。

Louis & Denis Larabie - Larabie Trucking (Kapuskasing, ON)

Go to Ritchie Bros.: that's my advice to anyone wanting to sell trucks and trailers.

For Denis and Louis Larabie of Kapuskasing, Ontario, a fortuitous wrong turn led to a major trucking contract with the De Beers diamond company. At the end of the contract, the Larabie brothers had almost 150 trucks and trailers to sell – and a new appreciation for unreserved auctions.

Doug Heritage - Miller Farm Equipment (Moosomin, SK)


自1924年起,Miller Farm Equipment就开始向加拿大的农场主销售新的和二手农场设备。如今,Doug Heritage和Kevin Miller经营的公司是北美洲最大的的Case IH代理商之一。当本地市场无法消化Miller Farm的二手设备库存时,Doug和Miller就求助于利氏兄弟拍卖行。

Dean Stines - D & L Stines Construction (Santa Paula, California)

I couldn't afford to update my equipment and be in compliance. I just couldn't do it.

When Dean Stines started an excavation company in California, he turned to Ritchie Bros. for his equipment needs. When new environmental regulations accelerated Dean's retirement plans, he returned to the place his business began: a Ritchie Bros. auction.

Steve Ledwell - Ledwell & Son Enterprises (Texarkana, Texas)

I get excellent service and value, as well as access to new customers that I don't think I can get anywhere else.

Steve Ledwell of Texas-based Ledwell & Son Enterprises had always considered selling by auction an unnecessary risk. A chance encounter with Ritchie Bros. at a trade show changed his mind. Steve now uses Ritchie Bros. auctions to sell trucks and trailers - and to reach a global audience of potential new Ledwell customers.


20 年前,Ruben Encinas 从墨西哥出发前往亚利桑那州,到那里的利氏兄弟无底价拍卖会上购买了一台起重机。这次经历给了 Ruben 尝试新业务的灵感,并给了他的家庭开始新生活的机会。

Dean Stockman - Stockman Farms (Beechy, Saskatchewan)

Now you can sell just one or two pieces of equipment at the auction site and reach buyers from all over the world.

Dean Stockman grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, but it wasn't until he took over the farm from his father that he started buying equipment from agricultural auctions. When Dean wanted to sell a single sprayer, he chose the local service and global reach of a Ritchie Bros. auction.

Karl Kocon - K & R Truck & Equipment (AB, Canada)

The advertising that Ritchie Bros. provides cannot be bought.

Almost 30 years ago, Karl Kocon bought a used truck, painted and repaired it, then sold it at a Ritchie Bros. auction – kick-starting his successful Edmonton, Alberta-based refurbishing and custom-built truck business: K & R Truck & Equipment. Today Karl finds that one of the best advertising channels for his customized trucks is the same place his business got its start – a Ritchie Bros. auction.

Frank Fowler - Ring Power Corporation (FL, United States)

Ritchie Bros.' February Orlando auction is the premier auction of the year; it sets the stage for what's to come.

Ring Power Corporation is one of the largest Cat dealers in the Southeastern U.S., with a 5,000-piece rental fleet. Looking to sell its surplus used equipment, Ring Power asked Ritchie Bros. to conduct an unreserved auction in Orlando in 1984. The Ring Power auction became an annual event in Orlando – and evolved into the world's largest industrial auction.

Ray Scott - Scott Group of Companies (Adelaide, Australia)

An unreserved auction is the best way to dispose of a large fleet of equipment.

At the end of a major project, the Scott Group – one of Australia's largest transportation companies – had 130 surplus transportation items and two options: Send the trucks out of state to be sold piecemeal – or have Ritchie Bros. bring the auction to the Scott Group's site and sell everything in one day.

Bob McIntosh - Leavitt Machinery (BC, Canada)

Ritchie Bros. hasn't lost that side of their culture – the ability to connect with customers on a personal level.

Vancouver-based Leavitt Machinery offers sales, rental and service of an ever-increasing range of materials handling, construction and aerial equipment. Looking to showcase the diversity of their product lineup, Leavitt chose a unique solution: a Ritchie Bros. auction.

Jess Alcala - Hydro Québec (QC, Canada)

When you have thousands of people at the auction, from all over the world, you know that the price you get is the best price in the market.

For years, Hydro Quebec sold all of its heavy equipment directly to buyers in the local market. Looking to reduce costs, the corporation discovered it could also increase returns – by reaching the global market through Ritchie Bros.

Doug Gordon - Doug Gordon Contracting (BC, Canada)

[At Ritchie Bros.] everyone is treated with equal respect, regardless of the size of their company.

Doug Gordon had purchased millions of dollars of equipment at Ritchie Bros. auctions over decades in the construction business in Western Canada. When he decided to sell his entire equipment inventory, he turned to the company he'd come to know and trust as a buyer.

Christopher Leines - Minnesota Limited (MN, United States)

Ritchie Bros. did an excellent job preparing, marketing and selling our pipeline equipment.

Minnesota Limited, a major pipeline contractor in the U.S. Midwest, had accumulated a large – but aging – fleet of equipment over four decades in business. Looking to upgrade the company's fleet, president & CEO Chris Leines turned to Ritchie Bros. – and discovered the benefits of completing a Like-Kind Exchange.

Sandeep Garg - Punj Lloyd Limited (New Delhi, India)


Punj Lloyd Limited是印度第二大工程建筑公司,每年购买数百万美元的设备。

Tom Kramer - NPL Construction Co. (AZ, United States)

Selling through Ritchie Bros. is the easiest, simplest way of extracting maximum value from your assets.

NPL Construction Co. had locations across the U.S., each with its own approach to equipment turnover. Find out how Ritchie Bros. helped NPL increase efficiency and reduce costs.